** Update – Islington have extended the objection period to Jan 6th. Please lodge your objections again here **

Unmoved by the cries of children demonstrating against their depot for two years and their defeat in the High Court, Ocado are trying once again to slip onto the site without having to produce any noise, traffic, light or pollution assessments and have submitted yet another application to Islington Council for a lawful development certificate instead.

The application again asserts that the site established a lawful ‘storage and distribution’ status between 1992-2002 but produces no evidence to back the claim up, just assertions by an employee of the current landlord (Telereal).

You can read the application here: https://planning.islington.gov.uk/NorthgatePublicDocs/00596705.pdf

Islington Council are inviting comments by January 6th and we encourage everyone to object again to this outrageous development in the heart of our community next to our school and homes.

Object here: https://planning.islington.gov.uk/Northgate/PlanningExplorer/PLComments.aspx?pk=507985

The site’s original use was as a repair workshop for BT in the 90’s. That in no way means Ocado should be allowed to open up a noisy, polluting, intensive 24/7 operation 20 years later.

We have already distributed hundreds of these new leaflets to parents and children and this weekend we will be flying the local community again to raise awareness of Ocado’s latest incredible attempt.



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