Below are some of the protests we’ve held since the campaign started in December 2019.

Playground Protest – December 2019

This was the first protest, organised with just two days notice the whole school came out with homemade placards and a simple chant ‘Nocado!’ The campaign was born.

Skatepark Protest – March 2020

Staged shortly before lockdown, the children of Yerbury again made their voices heard in the skatepark in Whittington Park which is just in front of Ocado’s depot and next to the Yerbury reception playground.

1st Zoom Protest – April 2020

The start of lockdown saw the campaign adapt to stage its first online protest with over 100 people joining with homemade banners and posters and a final shout of Nocado!! at the end. The protest was covered in the Islington Tribune. It was lots of fun and we thank everyone who logged on to show the strength of feeling across the community.

2nd Zoom Protest – May 2020

The campaign took to Zoom again in May for our second online protest and to launch our crowdfunder to help with legal costs to fight back against Ocado. We saw even more people join this protest than the first one! So thank you again to everyone who joined us again from their kitchens, gardens and bedrooms.

Socially Distanced Protest – June 2020

With schools back and classes in bubbles, the parents and children took to the skate park again for a socially distanced protest to continue the momentum through the summer.

Return to School Protest – August 2020

As the summer holidays drew to a close, the children of Yerbury drew signs about what they were hoping for when they returned to school after one of the most disrupted school years in recent times. This was an incredibly touching protest and a desperate plea from the children to Ocado to stop.

School Gate Protest – September 2020

As the new term started and with Ocado continuing to build onsite, the children, parents and staff of Yerbury came out for a protest at the school gate with the roof of Ocado’s depot visible just behind. With clear evidence that Ocado had misled the Council to get onto the site, we called on Islington Council to formally revoke Ocado’s unlawful storage & distribution licence.

Paperchain Protest – January 2021

Despite Islington Council revoking Ocado’s storage & distribution certificate in October, Ocado tried to continue building the depot during the January lockdown. Early on Monday 11th of January, a few Nocado parents staged a socially-distanced paperchain protest at the entrance to the site. Ocado vans and lorries symbolically broke the paperchain to enter the site driving over the paper children in the same way Ocado have ridden roughshod over the children, the parents, the school and the community. The protest prompted an enforcement visit from Islington Council to ensure no unlawful development was occurring. The protest was again covered by the Islington Tribune.

Second Year Anniversary Protest – December 2021

Kids and parents demonstrating in front of the boundary with the proposed depot site
Nursery kids standing in a pile of christmas presents labelled air pollution, traffic, stress, fire risk and holding signs saying Yerbury School 137 yrs old and We're not going anywhere
kids holding placards saying There's and enormous Ocado depot just for you and M&S this is your mess
kids holding up Christmas presents to Ocado labelled air pollution, noise, traffic, stress, fire risk

Protest at Ocado’s third attempt at a CLEUD and appeal of Second CLEUD decision

Group of children holding signs including What are Ocado hiding? and Avoiding public scrutiny by any means
Group of girls holding signs including Ocado CLEUDs worst trilogy ever

Thank you to everyone who’s protested with us and supported us in ways big and small.

The Nocado campaign is run by and for the community to protect our children and homes now and forever and we are forever grateful for your support.

Nocado HQ