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Ocado have launched a new two-pronged attack on our school and community, cynically timed to coincide with the school holidays. Firstly they have lodged a 3rd lawful development certificate request with Islington Council which asks the Council to clarify again if Units A-D (the main building […]
On Monday February 22nd Islington Council issued a firm refusal to Ocado’s second attempt to secure completely unrestricted, unconditional use of the site through the Cleud backdoor in the planning system. The news is the latest milestone in this high-profile campaign to stop Ocado from putting […]
On December 18th 2019, parents, children and teachers gathered in Yerbury playground to protest against Ocado’s plans to build a huge distribution depot over the wall from the school playground. It was the birth of what would become the Nocado campaign. On December 17th 2021, children, […]