Not content with trying to cheat their way onto the site, building through lockdown, disrupting the children’s education and attempting to fit out their depot after having their licence revoked – Ocado have sunk even lower and are now taking the Council, the residents and the children to the High Court.

From the very start, Ocado have shown utter contempt for the community and the school attempting to use a backdoor in the planning law so no-one would know about their plans and then attempting to install diesel petrol pumps next to the playground.

That distain for the community rights, and the children’s health and welfare continues with this latest desperate attempt to subvert the planning process and bully the Council and community.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters last year, we were able to fund legal help to prepare our case against Ocado which showed they and their landlords Telereal had painted a false history of the site to the Council in order to unlawfully secure a development permit.

Now Ocado are taking the Council to court with ‘Concerned residents of Tufnell Park’ named as an interested party. ‘Concerned Residents’ represents residents, parents, the campaign group and children united in opposition to Ocado’s plans.

We want to stand alongside Islington Council in court to fight Ocado and give the children a voice – but we need your help to raise the legal fees necessary to do it.

We’ve launched a CrowdJustice site to help raise the money we need. Money raised on CrowdJustice goes straight to our legal team not to us. It’s an open and transparent way of helping grassroots campaigns like ours take on the big guys.

Ocado and their partners Marks & Spencer are ¬£multi-billion corporations who can fund as many lawyers as their like. It’s a David and Goliath battle but with your help, we can give a voice to our children in court.

Thank you.

Nocado HQ



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