Whilst the revocation announcement last month was hugely important as it meant that Ocado can no longer ‘open up tomorrow’ as they’ve often threatened – it is not the end of the fight.

There are a few options for Ocado and M&S now:

  • They can try to take Islington to the High Court to get the revocation decision overturned.
  • They can continue to push ahead with fitting out the depot inside as far as they possibly can before putting in another planning application to ask for storage & distribution rights again.
  • They can try to get the Secretary of State Robert Jenrick (yes that one) to call the development in to get it approved over the heads of Islington and City Hall.

Ocado might try one or all of these tactics simultaneously.

So, it’s important that we make people aware that the fight is not over yet and that when Ocado finally do ask the Council for permission to open up again – that the community is fully aware of the damage this depot will bring to generations of children at Yerbury and the surrounding schools and nearby residents.

As long as Ocado keep trying to build this depot next to our children and our houses, we will continue to campaign against it.

Ocado can find another site, our children can’t find another school. Here are five reasons to still oppose Ocado’s disaster depot.



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