On the 5th of February last year, one of Ocado’s warehouses suffered a catastrophic fire. It burned for four days and required 300 firefighters at its peak to tackle it.

It was widely reported including by the BBC

The report by Hampshire Fire & Rescue service found serious failings from Ocado including staff turning the sprinkler system off and a delay of 1 hour calling the fire service.

The Andover warehouse was on an industrial estate with the nearest house nearly 250m away. Despite this, residents were evacuated up to 500m away over fears a three tonne cylinder of toxic ammonia gas may explode.

Ocado suffered a second blaze in August this time in Erith requiring 25 firefighters to tackle it. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ocado-orders-hit-by-second-warehouse-fire-in-six-months-gtcm0lvzm

Ocado’s warehouses are complex 24/7 operations – they have no place in a residential area and absolutely no place next to a primary school. We will continue to fight against Ocado to protect our children and community from the threat this depot poses.



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