Ocado have launched a new two-pronged attack on our school and community, cynically timed to coincide with the school holidays.

Firstly they have lodged a 3rd lawful development certificate request with Islington Council which asks the Council to clarify again if Units A-D (the main building on the site) has B8 status (storage & distribution). This is despite the Council rejecting Ocado’s lawful development request in February and stating ‘The Local Planning Authority is not satisfied, on the basis of the evidence submitted, that the use of the land at units A-D, Bush Industrial Estate, as class B8, is lawful’

We have produced a shareable Google Doc here which summarises the position and suggested objections to lodge with the Council. Objections should be lodged by 20th August.


Here is the link to Islington’s planning application search. https://planning.islington.gov.uk/northgate/planningexplorer/generalsearch.aspx

The reference is P2022/2778/COL

Secondly, Ocado have appealed the Council’s refusal to grant a lawful development certificate in February to the Planning Inspectorate.

Objections for this should go to the Planning Inspectorate at https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk

Note that you have to register on the site to make a representation. The case search box takes the appeal number which is 3303101. Objections to this have to be lodged by 1st September.

As we have previously, the Nocado campaign will also be lodging official objections from our lawyers to these two cases to ensure both the Council and the Planning Inspectorate have the most robust legal opposition to Ocado’s attempts to bully their way onto the site as possible.

We will also be launching a new crowdfunder at the beginning of term to pay for our ongoing legal fees.

More on that soon…

Thank you for your ongoing support.



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