The Nocado campaign today received this comprehensive objection to Ocado’s planned depot from a local resident.

We are publishing it here with permission to show the strength of feeling this depot has created in the wider community.

Dear Islington Planning Dept,

I would like to object to this application to create a large Ocado depot in Tufnell Park on the following grounds: health-endangering air pollution to the surrounding residential area (Including a school playground), serious noise nuisance to surrounding neighbours and the student accommodation and traffic congestion from large numbers of delivery vehicles and HGV vehicles on the access roads and nearby main roads which are already congested. The dangerous air pollution from diesel vehicle fumes and fuelling tanks is a very serious problem that has already been extensively protested about – rightly – particularly in relation to the close proximity to Yerbury School playground. 

Beyond that, there is a very serious problem of noise pollution and nuisance that would affect neighbours on both sides of the adjacent railway line, from: 24 hour generators and warehouse ventilation fans, LGV vehicles stocking the depot and vans at night, 100+ delivery vans operating all day from 5.30am. In addition there is predicted to be an additional unspecified number of vehicles facilitating Ocado’s “Zoom” programme. 

Light pollution from large floodlights, illuminating yards, will impinge on local residents at night.  

The plans clearly show rotating and static surveillance cameras throughout the site will invade the privacy of surrounding neighbours. 

The impact of this project on the quality of life and the physical and environmental health of surrounding residents and student accommodation will be wholly negative. There will also be an impact on wildlife on the surrounding railway embankments and users of Whittington Park.

There is a general opposition to this proposed development in the local and wider community. It is not environmentally sustainable. Junction Road and Station Road are going to be a complete traffic jam with queuing vehicles creating polluting emissions.

I urge the planning adjudicators to unequivocally and permanently reject this application.



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