Islington Council have today confirmed they have formally revoked Ocado’s current ‘storage & distribution’ licence. Ocado require this licence to begin trading from the site.

In April, local residents submitted a substantial pack of evidence to Islington Council detailing how Ocado’s landlords, Telereal had misled the Council to gain a storage & distribution licence for the site next to Yerbury Primary School.

After months of review by senior legal experts, Islington Council have agreed and formally revoked Ocado’s licence as of 13/10/20.

The revocation is a hugely important milestone in the campaign to stop Ocado opening up the damaging 24/7 depot next to the school but is unlikely to be the end.

Ocado may take the Council to the High Court to try and overturn the decision or they may put in a fresh planning application, or both.

Ocado and their Landlords have shown they cannot be trusted. Ocado have already damaged the education of Yerbury children by building just metres from their classrooms for months in what was already an incredible difficult year for children.

Ocado must not challenge this decision and they must not try again to get onto this site.

Instead Ocado must apologise to the school for their actions and accept that the children, the school, the parents and wider community do not want their damaging 24/7 industrial depot metres from a primary school classroom and playground.

Whatever happens next, the Nocado Campaign will not rest until the safety of our children and the future of the school are secured.

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