On Tuesday 27th April, Ocado launched a sham ‘consultation’ to try to win support for their unlawful distribution centre next to Yerbury School.

This comes after two years of bullying the community, attempting to use legal loopholes to avoid public scrutiny and failing to provide impact statements for their destructive development. This ‘consultation’ is designed to distract from their main tactic: using a judicial review at the High Court next week (Wednesday 5th May) to try to overturn the Council’s decision to block their use of the site and to silence the strong opposition from the community.

We do not want to provide legitimacy for this sham, but we do need to show our community’s clear opposition to their misleading campaign. As a result, we urge you to fill in the consultation form at https://ocadon19.co.uk as detailed below:

Ocado, this is a sham ‘consultation’ exercise after two years of ignoring our community’s grave concerns over your planned polluting and dangerously traffic-heavy distribution centre right on our doorstep. We urge you to end your judicial review and submit your plans to open democratic scrutiny through the proper legal planning process. We remain opposed to your plans and having observed your bullying and complete lack of transparency to date, we cannot trust any of your commitments. Please register us in your flawed consultation as objecting to your plans as well as your consistent failure to be honest and transparent.We do not want to provide you with the right to use our personal data and email for correspondence so please respond to us via Nocado’s official email at contact@nocado.org who we trust to represent us in this campaign. 

Please note: we recommend you do not provide your email details in the feedback form as Ocado will simply data harvest this. Instead, we suggest using the contact@nocado.org email as your contact email to demonstrate your support. Your address can be anything. Your phone number can be 07111111111.

In addition, they are also asking users to fill out a separate form to recommend community organisations and charities to support. We suggest not filling that out at this stage as again it is an attempt to jump the gun on the planning process.

Thank you for your continued support and please let us know at contact@nocado.org if you have responded to their consultation as we don’t trust Ocado to log the objections.

Thank you, The NOcado Campaign Team