Frequently asked questions

What is Reveal?

Reveal is a unique collaboration between the NOcado Campaign and world-renowned, Turner Prize-winning artist, Mark Wallinger. Mark has very kindly created an artwork inspired by the situation of Yerbury Primary School pupils and their community who are trying to stop a 24/7 depot opening right next to their playground.

What is the NOcado Campaign?

How do I reveal a square or squares?

Click on the ‘Reveal Now’ button and it will take you to the payment page, enter your details and click Pay Now. You will receive a payment confirmation email via our payment processor, Stripe. Once paid, the square/squares will be revealed.

Can I select the squares I want?

The squares will automatically be allocated by the system in a series of block shapes.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like my square?

Once your square has been revealed, we cannot offer refunds.

How does ‘find a signed print’ work?

Hidden beneath 20 different squares in the artwork are 20 ‘Easter eggs’. If you are lucky enough to reveal one of these squares, you will receive an A3 giclee print of the artwork, signed by Mark Wallinger. We need your postal address in order to send you your print.

We will contact you via email to get your postal address. We will attempt to contact you 3 times and if we don’t hear back within a month of the final square of the artwork being revealed, we will allocate the print to another random donor.

For a chance to win a signed poster of the artwork without donating towards a square, please email

I have a problem with my payment — who can I contact?

Please email

I have a problem with the website — who can I contact?

Please email

Can I donate extra to the NOcado Campaign?

Yes, please do! We are expecting many other battles along the way and in our case, the arguments are legally complex so we will need plenty of funds to enable us to represent ourselves at each juncture, to prevent this happening again and ultimately protect our children and community’s long term wellbeing.

If for any reason we do not need the funds directly for the NOcado Campaign, they will go directly to fund our legacy project to prevent the same situation occurring elsewhere.

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Can I support the Nocado Campaign in other ways?

Yes absolutely and we’d love any support you can offer, techy, leafleting, media contacts, whatever you can offer - please do get in touch for a no strings chat. Please email

The success of this project depends on participation.... please help us to spread the word!

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